Tales From the Garden :: An Acrobatic Dragonfly


Tales From the Garden :: An Acrobatic Dragonfly



Summer is here and it’s time to enjoy soaking in the sun and sharing the love of the garden with our friends, the dragonflies! As I was enjoying the beautiful weather the other day I came across this guy and just had to grab my camera. AcrobatIt was not an easy task getting him to be still for the shot. He humorously kept flitting about and posing in this gymnastic position as if doing a handstand. This got me to thinking how I could attract more, or provide a playground for them. DIY methods on Pinterest led me to create a homemade trellisDIY Trellis out of an old tree, and sharing that pic focused on a question from a friend ; Which plants do these guys like? So I began another journey to find out. Turns out that the love a boggy area, ponds, and also heights for their safety from predators. This would explain their exploration of our tall hollyhocks, trellises, and tomato cages. Best of all, on a side note, these guys are great mosquito police. Anything mystical and water-like would appeal to them, I suppose. As far as flowers go, I saw a few attention getters during my research. Bamboo for perching was on the list, Blackeyed Susan, Bee Balm, and Echinacea. These are familiars to our garden, and there are lots more varieties to choose from. For in depth knowledge of gardening and info such as this check out the site Gardening Know How. It’s a massive amount of info on gardening and such. In the meantime, please enjoy the dragonflies, and dragonfly safely.


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