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Handcrafted ideas influenced by a life of dance, design, and glamour. And cats….

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Welcome to the McGlamorous – where all things are exciting, dance-able, beautiful, teachable, and glamorous. (glam·or·ous) . adjective . full of excitement, adventure, and unusual activity. We are dancers // choreographers // designers // musicians // dreamers – who dream very large and desire to draw attention to others through the blessings // talents of dance, design, and the ultimate desire for glamour. Guess we just want to “Make the World Glamorous”. Our business is built around who we are, what has given us joy, and mostly sharing the beauty in everything with others. WE are also a Mother / Daughter team who is constantly learning. Our hobbies and loves of music, dance, and the arts has led us to create in the realms of handmade jewelry, drawing, costume, and music. We hope to always evolve and as we do so, to include you on that journey. Sharing plus giving is the best and most fun part. Join us in beauty.


AlisonImage of McGlamorous

Alison McGlamry began her ballet training with Terrel Paulk, Stanley Zompakos, and Jennifer Bennett. While visiting Florida State University, she discovered the Southern Academy of Ballet Arts in Tallahassee, Florida, and fell in love at her first class. She danced with the local Pas de Vie Ballet Company from 1994 through 1997, and attended summer scholarship studies with Joffrey Ballet School in New York, Cleveland Ballet, and the Nashville Ballet.

Upon moving to Atlanta, Georgia, Alison pursued training with the Atlanta Ballet’s Center for Dance Education, performing character roles in the company’s productions of The Nutcracker, Coppelia, and as a featured tap dancer in director John McFall’s “Juke”. She worked as an instructor and choreographer for the school, as well as the T.M. Culture and Arts Center / Atlanta Professional Dance Academy, founded by principal Atlanta Ballet dancer Wei Dongshei.

Encounters with a variety of guest artists and teachers soon led her down paths of Ballet,
Modern, Broadway, Latin, and competitive ballroom dance styles where she has had the opportunities to study with Benjamin Houk, John McFall, Li-Chou Cheng, Patricia Kenny, Lupe Serrano, Dennis Nahat, Fernando Bujones, Eleanor D’Antuano, Francesca Corkle, Rachel Berman, Sarah Reese, Debra Bale, Carol Szkutek, David Parsons, Corky Ballas (Dancing with the Stars), Mariano Chicho Frumboli, Cecilia Gonzalez, Fabian Salas (The Tango Lesson), Rosendo Fumero, Kathryn Schaffer, Sarwat Kaluby, Bill Sparks, and many other well known instructors.

Alison was also very fortunate to work as a corporate entertainer and model for Virginia King and Jon Schwartz of Bacchus Productions, where she was first introduced to the art of Oriental Dance.

Alison currently serves as a dance advisor, musician (guitar) , occasional face painter, and sells her own line of jewelry and art as McGlamorous.


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