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Terminology in Ten :: Music and Dance Terminology :: Brush Step through Chaine

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In this set : Brush Step through Chaine


Brush Step : Forward brush step being the same as a flap. Whether forward or back, the movement can be executed in any desired rhythm pattern.

Brush Flat : Executed in exactly the same fashion as the basic brush. The difference is that the entire flat of the foot striked the floor during the pendulum movement.

Back : Same as a Chug. A forward movement accenting the heel drop. With the weight on one foot, the the free foot is raised ; force the heel of the front foot to the floor with exaggeration ; thus moving the foot forward approximately 3 inches.

Buck and Wing : Clog dance marked by winglike steps. The forerunner of the present style of rhythm tap.

Bumps : Movement that employs the hips, usually done in burlesque.

Cabriole : A beating of the calves of the legs together while in the air. Step forward on one foot, extending the free leg in the air to the front or rear, with the knee straight  jump into the air beating the calves of the legs together (crossed below the knees) and land on the foot from which the movement originally started.

Cake Walk : This was originally a form of entertainment in which a prize of cake was given for the most accomplished steps and figures in walking; later a stage dance developed from these movements.

Catch : A movement wherein the toe or heel of one foot strikes the toe or heel of the opposite foot.

Catch Step : A ball change with one foot forward of the other and starting with the back foot.

Chaine : A series of small steps linked together as executed in turns.

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