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Terminology in Ten :: Music and Dance Terminology :: Accelerando through Back-Front

(Photo credit Alison McGlamry)

In this set : Accelerando through Back-Front


Accelerando : A gradual increasing of speed or tempo on music.

Accent : A stress or special emphasis on a sound. The primary accent in music refers to the first beat of each measure.

Active Foot : The free or working foot with the weight on the opposite or supporting foot.

Ad Lib : To dance as one wishes without regard to a set pattern of movements – to improvise.

Allegro : A musical term which means quick or lively.

Arsis : Weak beat, or the unaccounted part of a measure of music.

Back Flap : Same as the more commonly used term ” back brush step.”

Back Flap, Heel Drop : Same as the  more commonly used term “back brush step, heel drop.”

Balance ‘ : A basic ballet movement swaying from one foot to the other.

Back – Front : Same as a ball change.


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