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Terminology in Ten :: Music and Dance Terminology :: Ball Beat through Bells

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Ball Beat : A dropping of the ball of the foot.

Ball Change : A changing of the weight on the balls of the feet from one foot to the other ; executed forward, to the side, or on place.

Ball Tap : Same as Tap Ball.

Bandy Turn : Same as Bandy Twist.

Bandy Twist : A basic movement originated by Jim Bandy, a dancer of the vaudeville days.

Bar : In common usage, a measure of music.

Barre : Originally intended for ballet exercises but is used extensively in modern jazz classes, character dancing and in some instances, tap classes.

Barrel Roll (or turn) : A complete turn of the body with the arms extended in a windmill fashion.

Beat : The regularly recurring and periodically accented pulse or throb which constitutes the unit of measurement in all measured music ; tempo.

Bells : A clicking of heels together while in the air .