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McGlamorous Jewelry

Butterfly and Calico

Butterfly and Calico

Hello there visitor, and welcome to the McGlamorous (go to Gallery here) jewelry. Let’s get started with some information on these little works of art.

Description: How best to describe the little pieces?….hmmm. Well, they make great gifts. You will never see another walking around. Even if a buyer requests the same piece, I rarely re-create a copy. Individualism and uniqueness are encouraged here and I want clients to be drawn in because of that. It’s all about being different.

Materials: I prefer to search for quality in materials. Designs vary in beads, for example I may mix glass with plastic, acrylic, or other. I am working on creating different lines and price levels, so if you become a fan of my work you may want to check in for an evolution. Work is strung on Fireline or Tigertail wire, 8-10 pounds. It may be doubled or waxed before threading. Metals fluctuate in price, yet another thing to cinsider. Designs may use cast metal or sterling, copper, brass, whatever the design calls for. This is good to keep in mind on a purchase. Sometimes the most unique clasp can be made of less expensive metal. On the other hand a clasp may be the most expensive part of the necklace.

Policies: I do stand behind my work, but things can happen. Materials that come from factories or other can rarely be old, or weather condition may cause breaks or snaps. If this ever happens to one of your McGlamorous purchases, please know that it can be repaired, and we will work a solution.

Restringing, Repair, Recreation: Sometimes you have a piece that is great, but needs a little boost. I can help. A recreation may be just what you need. This usually involves a design fee, plus materials. Contact me for quotes if this interests you.

Lengths: I will soon post a chart of different necklace lengths, but this is a customizable option in all pieces. Price may vary as well as materials, so a quote is encouraged.