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Patience Grasshopper :: Scaling The Great Wall

I love the garden in the back of my Grandmother’s house. It is a small space, but it has a certain energy to it, making it a good place to create and meditate. Each time I look out the window I see this Japanese maple tree, and it just takes me somewhere.Pisces and Stone


Lots of jewelry designs have been assembled from inspiration of this area, but one little visitor in particular made me laugh. He reminded me of the efforts it takes to get where you are going, and to never quit, even as ungraceful as it may be! I was inspired and decided to document him. Here’s what I caught :


He gets my attention here. Looks like he’s trying to go somewhere. He’s feeling the wall, gaining focus.

Grasshopper Journey










Another angle.

Grasshopper Journey










He makes the first step fine.

Grasshopper Journey







Distant shot. He’s contemplating.

Grasshopper Journey







Livin’ on the edge. I start laughing. Never seen this angle.








Here we go…

Grasshopper Journey








Grasshopper Journey











Grasshopper Journey











Grasshopper Journey








Grasshopper Journey







Patience Grasshopper. You can do it.


A great message delivered in a humorous way.




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Sequential Shorts :: The Painted Turtle

Each and every year I am fortunate enough to be visited by some kind of critter on my Birthday. It’s a new trend, something that has developed over the last few years, and I’ve slowly learned to take notice. Quite intriguing really, when one of these totems shows up because they are so unique and well –  special. This year I took careful observation to the turtle who passed my way. I called him / her the “Painted Turtle”. You see, the turtle has slowly been introducing itself in the forms of art, pictures on the internet, and elsewhere for years. Not to mention my aunt who loves turtles and would buy one of my turtle necklaces on occasion. I’ve never really been attracted. Couldn’t connect with it. Since then I’ve dabbled in some research coming from Native American symbolism and found out that it represents a slower series of steps and longer cycles of transformation. Patience came to mind as well as developing a more grounded development of faith, art, talent, or whatever you may be trying to improve upon. Last summer I had an exciting experience with a really beautiful dragonfly (post coming soon), so I was looking forward to approaching this visitor with my camera.

Here’s what I was able to capture:

Firstly, as I was leaving to pick up dinner, my I saw my dog barking non-stop at something. I was getting into the car when I noticed the visitor on the walk. I ran inside to get the camera,very excited.








I came closer.








It looks like a war helmet. Then I noticed the painted figures.








Dragonflies on the top and of all things, dancers on the side. This had big meaning to me, which I will elaborate on in another post.








Dragonflies in detail. It was so artistic.











I really wanted it to come out of it’s shell, so I asked! Don’t laugh.








Of course, the cat had to get in the shot.











Closer…you can do it.








Hello there!











Then it poses and I can see the beautiful colors and patterns.








In the meantime I go to pick up the food and come back to still find that it has moved towards it’s destination. I stop and kneel down for one more look. It stops and gives me time.








Another moment.








And then I notice as the sun is setting, it is headed onward. A dragonfly on the back, and dancers on the side.











At this moment I am overwhelmed with the message. Something was speaking and healing, at least that’s how I saw it. Since the turtle is about perseverance, patience, and more, it just gave me a good feeling. Keep going as you are. Faith in your spirit and dance in your heart. Walk your path…..that’s all…..walk your path.

Please stay tuned and check out my Sequential Shorts category for further stories.

~ McGlamorous