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Terminology in Ten :: Music and Dance Terminology :: Click Heels through Count

(Photo credit : Alison McGlamry)

In this set : Click Heels through Count.


Click Heels : Having the weight on both balls of the feet, twist heels in, striking them together.

Click Toes : Having the weight on the heels of the feet, (toes raised in the air), twist toes in, striking them together.

Clip : Striking the heel against the toe of the opposite foot or striking the the toe against the heel of the opposite foot. Derivative of the Lancaster Clog.

Clog : Clog dancing first appeared in the industrial areas of Northern England, Southwest Scotland, and South Wales. This form of dancing came into existence around 1870 and is assumed to have originated in Lancaster.

Clogs : Clogs refers to a wooden-soled shoe and heels and in their final form were made of hard maple. The sole was originally one solid piece of wood with the wooden heel attached thereto. This was rather an awkward combination of equipment to dance in and in later years, the split sole came into being. The wooden sole was attached to the welt of the sole and extended back to the instep of the foot. The wooden heel was separate and attached to the leather sole. With the development of the split sole, the dancer had the flexibility to execute much more complicated footwork.

Cluster : Usually referred to a flurry or group of tap sounds performed in rapid succession. (Not a commonly used term).

Contrast : The variation of rhythm patterns in relation to one another.

Corkscrew : A twisting movement wherein the toe of one foot is raised from the floor with the heel remaining on the floor. The toe is twisted in and out. This movement is sometimes referred to as Tanglefoot.

Counterpoint : A simple explanation of this as related to dance would be for two dances, executing different steps at the same time that would blend or contrast. A more intricate form would be for two or three dancers executing the same step with each dancer starting one beat after the other.

Counts : Refers to the number of beats to a bar or measure of music.