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Ballerinas by the Sea // The Ballerina and the Beach :: Jewelry Inspiration from Line and Nature

(Photo credit to original photographer for photo above)

I’ve been super-excited about a post on my latest creations from inspiration, in fact so excited that I’ve been neglecting the post….go figure. I like to present things with their Ta-Da! moment, blame the performer in me for that. So let me share my thoughts and enthusiasm with you.

In July I was invited to the up and coming 30A Ballet as a guest teacher, a job that I seriously looked forward to all last spring. I had heard of but never visited the “Emerald Coast”, and the area of 30A. It had been ten years or so since I had seen the director of the school, Allyson Raymond, from my connection to her from the Atlanta Ballet. Add ten years since a visit to the beach, and it was truly a moment of re-connection to the ocean and to the ballet.

Ballerinas By The Sea
Pearl and Shell Ballerina Bangles

Ocean…Ballet…Dance…that’s when it hit me. What about all of those lovely dancers out there on Instagram, Facebook, etc., that love to take photos on the beach (including me….shameless plug)? I loved looking at the jetes, arabesques, the attitudes, and all of the pretty lines connecting the dancer to the nature of the coast. It was something different, something new for me, and opened my eyes to creating a celebratory line. Fueled by mornings on the beach and evenings in the dance studio, I began building a few prototypes: Necklaces, Bracelets, Anklets, and soon to come earrings.

Photo of Alys Beach
Sunset at Alys Beach

In addition to that inspiration, I was presented another lucky surprise. The colors of the landscape in the area of Sowal are oh-so enticing for an artist. After an evening of rain I rode over to Alys Beach, parked my car, and soaked in the beauty of what seemed like a huge watercolor over the ocean. Combined with the sound of the wind and the smell of the sea air…..paradise.



As an artist I have always been drawn to bright colors, especially the older I got, yet it seemed enjoyable to go back to a softer and less high paced scheme that the beach gave. Although I still love what I consider “Tropical” colors, it has been pleasurable to work up a few designs using hues of light purples, blues, and creams. Photos in this post are some examples of what I came up with. These include necklaces for older and younger clientele, and bracelets , all embellished with a silver or gold ballet dancer.

Image of Ballerina Necklace by McGlamorous
Rose Quartz with Ballerina Necklace

I plan to create some with a copper tone, in addition to anklets and earrings. In the meantime you can stay tuned in by visiting my site on Storenvy >> where I have current items for sale. I take custom orders and my policies can be seen on the store site. If you have a dancer in the family that loves the beach, now you know where to go!

~ McGlamorous