How to Tap Dance :: Crazy Socks Tap :: The Abe Kabbible

How to Tap Dance :: Crazy Socks Tap :: The Abe Kabbible


I am back at it with Crazy Socks Tap videos in my crazy socks. The idea of these posts was to teach beginners about tap. Oh, and share these funky socks. I love old movies with Eleanor Powell, Fred Astaire…..all the greats. Plus old music. I need good healthy content for my blog and this is some to share. I don’t dance as much as I used to, but every know and then get the urge.┬áThis content is taken from a great tap dictionary book I have had for years. Alphabetically ordered, Here is the first. The Abe Kabbible. Hope you enjoy, and please subscribe to my YouTube channel, The AMcGlamorous.

The Abe Kabbible


Pastel Art

Pastel Art



After several requests from family to list examples of my pastel art, here they are. As you can see I enjoy drawing birds. As explained in a earlier post, the colors and textures they provide are a perfect playground for the senses. Medium used here is pastel. Brands that I enjoy are Sennelier, Rembrandt, Canson, NuPastel, among others.

Saffron Toucanet

Male Indigo Bunting


Indian Ringneck




I Love Color

I Love Color

I Love Color


A cool photo that requires a little rhyme…


I Love Color


I love color.

And wonder how it can be,

That a never ending blue sky

Can bring such joy to me.


A flame above a candlestick,

That flickers blue and red.

Colors in my garden.

Colors in my head.


A name for every color,

Time held, tried, and true.

A gift to every one of us,

Especially for you.


~Alison McGlamry