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Crazy Socks Tap :: Bandy Twist

Here we go with another Crazy Socks post. Moving into the B’s with the Bandy Twist. This clip shows parts A and B together. C contains added shuffles and will be shown separately.

Bandy Twist : A basic movement originated by Jim Bandy, a dancer of the vaudeville days.


With Counts: Part A.  (Basic)

1-Step R (XF of L)

and -Pivot on R for 1/2 turn R

2-Step L

3-) Repeat A




With Counts: Part B.  (With Ball Change)

and 1-Ball change L-R

and – Pivot on R for 1/2 turn R

2-Step L

and 3-) Reverse B



Here is the last part of the Twist with added Shuffles and Ball Changes. more rhythm just for fun, but you get the idea. I just elaborate on the phrase by adding three shuffle ball changes on the last section.



With Counts: Part C.  (With Shuffle)

1-Step R

and 2-Shuffle L fwd

and 3-Ball change L-R

and- Pivot on R for 1/2 turn R

4- Step L


Song: Rhumboogie by the The Andrews Sisters

Thanks for playing along!

~ McGlamorous