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Terminology in Ten :: Music and Dance Terminology :: Charleston through Clap

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Charleston : A twisting movement turning the ties inward and then outward ; dance craze of 1925, considered to be from South Carolina. A social and performance dance, it has been revived numerous times.

Charleston Twist : With weight on the balls of both feet, heels raised, twist both heels inward and outward simultaneously.

Chasse’ : A step ball change traveling in any direction.

Chop : A step backward with the leg straight ; takes weight.

Choreography : The Art of dancing or arranging dances; first used with reference to ballet.

Chorus : A standard chorus of music contains 32 measures which is divided into four 8 measure phrases.

Chorus Line : A line of girls performing a kick routine. This type of dancing was originally called a tiller.

Chug : The chug is sometimes referred to as a buck : A forward movement accenting the heel drop. With the weight on one foot, force the heel of the foot to the floor with exaggeration, thus moving the foot forward approximately 3 inches.

Cigarette Twist : See French Twist.

Clap: Same as Hand Clap : A striking of the palms of the hands together.