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Terminology in Ten :: Music and Dance Terminology :: Black Bottom through Brush

(Photo credit Alison McGlamry)

In this set : Black Bottom through Brush


Black Bottom : Dance craze of 1926 which followed the Charleston. Strictly a theatrical form of dance and rarely ever used in social dancing.

Boogie Woogie : A primitive sounding percussive style of playing the blues on the piano, characterized by a persistent bass rhythm and florid figurations of a simple melody often in contrary motion to the bass; 8 beats to the measure and written in 12 measure phrases.

Bop : A musical style accenting the off-beat.

Bounce : A medium tempo in 4/4 time.

Break : A two measure movement that follows a six measure movement to complete an eight measure phrase. Breaks are commonly associated with Time Steps but may be used in any format.

Break Out : An old term for the finish of a Time Step.

Bridge : The third eight measures of a thirty- two measure chorus. Some choruses have no bridge.

Bright : A fast 4/4 time.

Broken : An old term for a Half Break.

Brush : A one-sound kick movement, in any direction. May be executed in any direction but is basically forward or backward.