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My Encounter with Flourite :: Knowledge through Jewelry Making and Natural Stones

Try as hard as I may, I could never remember all of the ideas I encounter in one day as an artist. Add moments of enlightenment and you can just forget it! So as I rush to my tablet today in hopes of capturing the raging river that is my brain right now, bear with me. In digging through my gemstone box last week I picked up an unused strand of flourite. Studying it closely made me forget that I had purchased it, and I had one of those exciting moments of “What do I want to do with this?”. Most of my beads are intended to be part of a design or plan, but not so much the case here. I really had bought the strand because it had my favorite colors, aquas, greens, and purples. All in one place! Because I love learning about the healing factors, qualities, hardness, etc. of stones, I wanted to dig deeper. Here’s a little bit of what I found : Flourite belongs to the spar family. It is also known as feldspar and can be separated into flakes. Due to a wide range of colors, it is also said to contain something of all the other gemstones in it. Folklore claims that it is the home of rainbows. Rainbows! There it is…that cool interconnection that we get from things, if we are looking. Rainbows are meaningful to me in that they remind us of promises. I have seen some if the best rainbows appear at some of the most trying times ever. Most recently, I had seen one a week after I made this necklace here, which contained my birthstone, amethyst, and flourite.

Walking Dog Necklace
Walking Dog Necklace

I read on to discover that it comes from the Latin word for flux, which refers to a substance that promotes flowing and combining of other metals and materials. Once again, I was inspired. A “flow”. This is what I needed, a creative flow, and boy was it coming! And from this stone alone. I was really beginning to like this stone. Fluorite was also used , in fact, as a flux in steel and other materials that required the removal of impurities. Another thing greatly appreciated…the removal of impurities. Healing properties of the stone are particularly helpful for ailments such as energy blockages, respiratory problems, and arthritis. I found a chart categorizing the colors and their specifics here : Yellow :: Helps in the treatment of diseases of the spleen and kidney. Green :: Relieves asthma and regenerates the lung tissues. Blue :: (Also called Blue John) Combats colds, infections, and certain circulation problems. Violet :: Has a beneficial effect on the head and brain.

There were many other interesting finds relating to flourite. I wanted to share them all, but stuck to those findings as related to my personal experiences. It particularly interested me to read that it was a good stone for creatives, artists, and the like because of its’ focus factor. It seemed as if I was applying my ability to concentrate and differentiate as I was reading about it. So it was working, right then and there! I hope that you find enlightenment and a discovery of your own should you work with, or read more about this stone.