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On Tap :: The Complete Tap Dictionary

Tap Shoes

I did it. I admit it. Tore up the kitchen floor when I was little. Al Gilbert is to blame.

I always loved tap, but didn’t really understand it completely, and I think that age makes a difference in enjoying anything more, especially dance. So with a new job teaching it again after a break, I was excited to pick up my favorite manual and get going. Here’s what I found in my closet, next to my shoes:

The Complete Tap Dance Dictionary
The Complete Tap Dance Dictionary

Don’t know how many people know about it or how much recognition it has gotten, but I know I like it.

It has spurred a new desire to review and // or re-learn. In addition to tap steps there are definitions of dance that take you all the way back to the roaring twenties. You can purchase it on Amazon when available. As of this date it’s still there.

Check it out! In the meantime I’ll be in the kitchen…….